28 - 30 tons

Product Features

Our patented system allows multiple hydraulic active drive motors to propel each pontoon, which provides at least twice the tracking power and performance capacity of conventional single-moto designs.
We laser trim our track chain systems to extreme precision, strengthening grip on the ground for better weight distribution and improved maneuverability.
By only using hardened steel, we provide rollers and bushings that function with extended operation life and provide long-term cost-effectiveness.
Our sprocket systems tightly bolt onto hubs for perfect track pitch alignment across even the most challenging terrain.
We improve buoyancy and enhance safety by dividing pontoons into bulkheads and going the extra mile to prevent water from creeping in.
Easily accessible manholes make maintenance and repair a guaranteed simple process.

Product specifications

Max. Track Length35' 7"
Track Length On Ground17' 1"
Rear Upper Structure Length10' 6"
Overall Length51'
Track Gauge, min/max16' 4"
Track Height6' 8"
Overall Cab Height14'
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* The above specifications are for reference only, actual working range may vary from machine models.

** For the benefit of continuous product improvement, specifications are subjected to change without prior notice.

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